A very satisfying day!

A certain Irish fellow at work mentioned some time back that his wifes’ brother had visited Nepal on a similar volunteer programme to what I’m doing and that I should contact him.  Well today was that day! 

After getting up at 7am! (on my ONLY day off!! might I add) throwing together a batch of Pizza dough (dinner at mum n dads tonight) and rushing my somewhat beaten up and sad looking but still very much loved car to the service station for its dreaded WOF…which it failed due to a smashed in side mirror…

 Nearly getting run over by a bus, I do a ‘u’ turn into Midas for a repair quote.  Once again being laughed at for the damage on my car (which mostly is not my fault! I swear my car must stick out like a sore thumb when parked harmlessly on the side of the road ‘cos everyone likes to hit it).  Returning back home at 9am with nothing to do but wait. 

At this point I decided to clean windows and vacuum the house in preparation for the new flatmate.  At 11am I can wait no longer, pizza dough (which had been patiently rising in the hot water cupboard) is carefully placed in the car and I’m off…

Living only 10mins from Auckland’s CBD I was, needless to say, early to our 1pm rendezvous at the Vero Building and once again stuck with nothing to do.  So, I left the pizza dough in the car and walked down the road to Flight Centre… nothing new, I still can’t afford flights but at least it filled the gap. 

More money on the parking meter and FINALLY it was time to meet this friends’ wifes’ brother!  Down to a local cafe we went for lunch while casually introducing ourselves (funny how sometimes talking to a stranger can be so easy, or is that just me?).  Up a narrow staircase where we sit down and order lunch, chatting away about Nepal and the pro’s and con’s of volunteering. 

It’s fantastic finally being able to meet a REAL person who knows and understands what I’m going to be doing in Nepal.  Being able to ask questions that have been lingering in my mind for so long I now feel far more at ease with what I am doing.  I leave feeling as though I have made a new friend.

Watching the time now, I rush back to my car worried my parking meter will have run out and that my Pizza dough might be starting to cook in the heat of the day (how long can dough rise for before it goes bad?) Checking the dough was o.k. I head off to my next destination…

Sylvia Park! The time has come, this is about to become real! I leave the pizza dough for the last time and excitedly walk down to STA Travel.  To book my tour around India.  Excited but still nervous, as I am about to part with a lot of money (which I have never been very good at doing at the best of times). 

Heart pounding I arrive at STA Travel… to find my travel agent with another customer! and myself yet again left with nothing to do but wait.  Two hours later after a Mc Donald’s apple pie and pretending to flick through STA Travel mags over and over again I finally get my moment…

Polite conversation, daunting transaction made, and I leave with nothing but a VERY expensive piece of paper!

Tired, but with a smile on my face I walk back to my car, check on my Pizza dough and make the finally stretch home to my parents.

A very satisfying day…and the pizza was great too!!


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