Where to go, where to go??

So, I’ve been accepted into my volunteer programme in Nepal and they sent me a 12 page generic email which is supposedly confirmation…

I am a little bit worried about this as it also states in this generic email that I pay on arrival.  I guess at least that means if it all turns out to be bogus I haven’t lost any money however it would be nice to receive a non generic email to know that they really do exist.  There are a whole bunch of contacts listed in this email, a few of which I have emailed with my concerns but am still yet to receive a reply…

Oh well, all in ‘Indian time’ I guess.  Will keep you posted once I do finally make contact.

In the meantime I need to choose where to go! I have a choice of 6 places.  Most of which I have never heard of but thanks to Google Maps they do exist! LOL (not that they have told me who I need to confirm this with.)

There is: Langtang, which appears to be in the snow capped mountains.
Kathmandu, which we all know is a big buzzing city.
Kavre, which is (according to Google Maps) 1hour and 2mins from Kathmandu…and looks to be a small city in comparison to Kathmandu.
Pokhara… a town/village?
Nawalparasi… remote bush? (Google showed this place as just trees)
and Chitwan, which is a city. But according to my generic email I go here anyway.

Hopefully someone replies to my emails soon… so I can start bomb barding them with questions 😉 Till then I guess I just need to research, research, research!!


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