A blog about nothing…

I have been staring at this page for days.  Trying to work out what to write about, feeling bad for my lack of inspiration.  You would think with the amount of crap that comes out of my mouth sometimes that I would be able to write the occasional blog! I mean how hard is it?! I just…blog…right?

But even now I can’t think of much to write and I have no idea how this blog will turn out… So, I will not be offended if you decided to stop reading now. Haha and would probably advise that you do so!

Thing is trying to find something worthwhile to talk about! I could talk about my cat and how she’s become rather aggressive lately or the hot delivery guy that came this morning to drop off some white ware (sadly married) but that’s just mindless dribble no one wants to read that right?

I watched a movie once where they talked about documenting people’s lives in real time and just how boring that would be…  24 boring hours and a 3 min sex scene where the guy falls asleep right after…

Is blogging really about all the boring, mundane details of life? Surly there must be something to talk about… or maybe (like usual) I’m just over thinking again. (It’s ok you don’t need to reply to that I can all ready see you all agreeing in your heads)

See, I feel I have said all there is to say right now about my trip to India next year.  Everything is booked and planed, without any hiccups.  I have even caught myself wishing something would go wrong just so I could blog about it!

Maybe I need to go fall off something so I can break a bone and talk about that? No, that’s a bit too excessive…plus I might break my wrist and not be able to type.  Funny thing is that I’m actually quite busy. It’s not like I sit around all day twiddling my thumbs, just the stuff I do will prob have no interest to you…like the washing, baking a cake, mending my skirt, work!, making xmas gifts, THINKING!

OMG thinking takes up sooo much time in my head haha! I think about everything! And I mean everything!  I think about things that don’t even matter… like when in peak hour traffic I think about kind of day the person in the car beside me might be having, I make lists in my head of what I need to do that day and in what order I will do them, I’ll think of a word that I’m unsure of and try decipher the meaning without looking it up by breaking the word down and thinking of the words origins, I’ll look at a snapshot someone took and try imagine where the person was standing to take the photo and what they were thinking/hearing/seeing when they took it… I think this is called scatter brain haha… but it entertains me and could/DO it every day and love it.

So there we have it… a blog about nothing and yet everything! The beginning to the inner workings of my brain… wasn’t that interesting!! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa I bet you are all on the edge of your seat just waiting for more!


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