My Slice of Heaven

Something else I am really looking forward to about my trip to India is coming home and being able to do nothing! I mean think about it… how often, as an adult, do you get the opportunity to live in a house and pay no rent, no bills, have free power, water, Internet, Jacuzi and WINE (providing I want to drink whatever awful Riesling dad has decided to buy)? Sounds like heaven to me!

My parents migrate for winter. So have given me the house  in Whitford to ‘look after’ when I come back and with that comes the above perks… all I have to do in return is look after the animals and clean the house!

So… why not take full advantage of the situation… I have no bills to pay and in return no commitments or real responsibilities… I can do whatever I like with my time!  …Hmm to work or not to work! That is the question!!

Who know what I’ll do… sleep is for sure, mobile massage maybe… but there are two things that have been lingering on my mind the first being to visit the ‘other’ category on Seek and apply for all the jobs you would not think to apply for because either then don’t pay enough and you have bills to worry about or are just so out there that you would not be taken seriously if you mentioned you did this for a living… and the best part of all is if I don’t like the job… who cares! Just quit, it’s not going on the C.V anyway! Besides I might end up liking the job…

The second… you remember all those childhood dreams you had of wanting to be a fireman or actor? Well here is my chance! I have no bills to pay so what’s stopping me? I don’t need to worry about if I get paid or not and who wouldn’t mind a bit of free labour? No harm in asking right??

However such as life there is always a spanner thrown into the mix… there is a job opportunity at the Langham (current workplace) which they are willing to hold open for me while I’m away in India… a step up, a pay rise, a secure job when I get home…. but do I want to give up my slice of heaven? And then there is the commute Whitford to the CBD for the newly advised shift of 5:45am! I hate mornings at it is! (hence typing this blog at 1am!)…

Decisions, decisions! And not an easy one to make!


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