Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese medicine where glass bulb-like cups are placed on the skin.  These cups have been deprived of oxygen and so when placed on the skin create a vacuum effect.  The result draws blood to the surface and helps increase circulation… and aswell as what we all learnt at school from kiss and catch… hickys… giant hickys!

And I mean GIANT! I went for my first ever cupping session today.  I decided to go out of mainly curiosity but had also been advised by a few work colleges who said it’s great for muscular pain.  I had seen the results from cupping a year ago on one of my tutors so the ‘hicky’ side of things I was expecting. 

What I was unsure of was how it would feel! In pictures it looks painful. So was a little nervous when I arrived and told to sit, with a brief consultation of ‘what’s your problem?’  and no explanation of what was going to be done to me. Then told ‘we go now’ and lead into another room where a bed was made up. The Dr asked me to take my top off and sit on the bed.  A little bit more relieved when she felt my back and found the right spots but still no explanation of what was going to be done.  She did however tell me Bloodletting would be more beneficial for me and was $50 rather than $30.  I did have a vague idea of what this was so decided for the experience that I would go along with it.

Lying down on the bed, curiosity getting the better of me I look around and see a big basket of cups…sparkly clean with the familiar scent of isopropyl.  Yay, I can relax a little bit more.  Ouch! Spiky needle piercing my skin, I had expected to be told when we would begin.

First cup is placed on my back, not the feeling I had expected… though now thinking about it I probably should have.  It doesn’t hurt as such; it kind of just feels like your skin is in a vacuum, a pulling sensation, unnatural.

Cups come off and it’s all over.  She sits me up, cleans my back and asks me how I feel… my reply being ‘great, do you have a mirror?’  In all honesty I really didn’t know how I should feel but I wasn’t in any pain.  Then I got dressed and followed her to the reception where she gives me a drink, I pay and leave…

*Look at my watch* 2pm! I had only been there for 15mins max. 5mins was waiting in the reception and brief consultation, 5mins cupping, and 5mins paying at reception… I paid $50 for what really was 5mins of work! $10 per minute is a bit of a rip off! I feel slightly cheated. Cupping is advertised in the brochure as a 30min treatment.

However money matters aside. I was pleasantly surprised with the decor inside, very beautifully decorated and clean… not a spot of dust that I could see. and although I probably will not go back for cupping I am happy this was the place I experienced my first introduction to cupping.



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  1. Jenn

    Looks like you have some strange disease. Glad you were not in any pain.

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