The story so far…

Well I have made it to the Hong Kong Airport and all I can say is that, now, more than ever i wish i had an IPAD!!!┬áThis whole trip so far has been in need of an iPad, even when I was in Sydney and i’m sure there will be many more times throughout my trip where I wish I had one. Nearly everyone in at Hong Kong Airport has an iPad I feel very out of date typing on this old fashioned PC (Which by the way is not very old looking).

I have another three hours here before my next flight so figured this was as good a time as any to write my blog.

Sydney was great. It was fantastic catching up with Rach and seeing a part of Aus that I hadn’t visited before. Yes, I did the typical tourist thing and took many photos of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Rach took me on a guided walk around Sydney… Saw many… interesting things! We were walking around the harbour and catching up on goss when a guy pointed out a sting-ray in the water (that was rather cool) and with the sting-ray we also saw a fish, some jellyfish and a Jandle… all just hanging out in their natural habitats. Moving on, further around the harbour I noticed a Sharps Box… Now either Sydney is the capital for Diabetics or they have a huge junkie problem or perhaps you visit your local GP outside in Sydney for your jabs?!?!

Sydney also seems to be home to the Count as there are Bats everywhere!! and rabies signs to match! maybe that’s what the sharps boxes are for… rabies jabs LOL. Finally sore and tired we make our way to the pub and finish the night off with a bottle of New Zealand Sav!

The next day we went to the Zoo and had a homemade picnic under the trees with a scary looking bird that had a scary song to match! It seems the day before was not a once off for Sydney and the weirdness continued with a rare sighting of a man dressed up as a Nun… im not sure does that counts as drag? I even had to ask Rach if men were now allowed to be nuns lol. However we did see more normal things too like a tortuous tipped upside-down on its back struggling to turn itself over while another walked over it trying to help… well that’s what we thought it was doing until we realised it was just wanting to walk in that direction. Also got our kicks our of watching a male Bandicoot go for a pee (yes, anything for a laugh)… oddly enough though its penis seems to be located behind its very saggy balls?! Well, that’s what it looked like. All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a sunny day in Sydney. Oh and we touched a snake!!

On the way home we stopped by a beach… and just to add to my list, there was a warning sign with a person swimming and a needle going into their foot! Now honestly Sydney! Really? and here was I thinking some of Auckland’s beaches were unsafe. Day ended with Pizza, NZ Sav and scrummy cupcakes on the roof! Life is good!

And that brings us back to now… well aside from 9 very boring hours on a plane and another 6 to follow! Arriving in Delhi at 2.15am (their time) I just hope the hotel remembers to pick me up!


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