Delhi to Jaisalmer

Its been a while since my last blog, internet is easy enough to find in India but time is not! we have been so busy over the last few days I feel like I am in need of a good sleep and a massage!

after an exhausting 20hour train ride  from Delhi to Jaisalmer we arrive. And what a SURPRISE!! We appear to be staying in a palace, its absolutely stunning! my room is on the second floor which over looks the pool.  The hotel is made out of yellow stone.  Which is what Jaisalmer is known for. Actually the whole city is made out of this stuff, makes it look like a golden city.

We spent the first day roaming around the fort and visiting temples… I wish I could tell you more and the names of the places we visited but im in an internet cafe at the moment and can’t remember! Everything is beautiful here! the architecture is amazing and I cannot stop taking photos!

Later that night it was camel safari time! an experience never to be forgotten! Was heaps of fun, we went out in the desert and watched the sunset and some villagers danced for us. That night our accommodation was somewhat luxurious and totally unexpected! We had been told that we would be camping out and so my thought was rather basic but we were in fancy big marques with bathrooms bigger than some of the rooms ive flatted in!

This morning we drove back to the hotel in Jaisalmer and had a free day…. so to the shops I go! bought 3 paintings and 2 scarfs… along with all my other stuff and the shopping to come I have no Idea where I am going to put all this stuff but I will find a way!!

Tomorrow we get up early (5am) and take an 8hour bus ride to Jodhpur… supposedly good for jewellery!

I am having an absolute blast! and will try to find more time to blog…promise!



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2 responses to “Delhi to Jaisalmer

  1. Jenn Watson

    Sounds so amazing. Wish I could see it all for myself but your blog is the next best thing. Anyone nice in your group.

  2. I will have to show you photos when i get home 🙂 love my tour group, everyone is very nice 🙂

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