Day Nine: absolutely shattered!!

Took a jeep out to the villages, spent WAY too much money! But was totally worth it! First stop we visited  a small village who make a living from making their own pottery. the technique has been passed down generation to generation and with more people moving to the cities the technique is slowly being lost.

We watched a demonstration of how they make their pots and the special clay they mix.  This clay has been designed to keep whatever is in the pots cool, so perfect for carrying water through the long summer months.  Only males do pottery and you soon find out why when you see the massive sandstone wheel they manually turn.  This thing must weigh a shit load because it is massive! don’t think I could do it!!  For the bigger pots they first make them on the wheel and then let them dry in the sun before sculpting them into the bigger pots (took a photo, it’s a bit hard to understand).

Next we visited a weaver, also interesting… then an Opium house.  In this village it is customary to welcome your guests with a special Opium Ceremony.

And lastly an embroidery shop, where I spent a huge amount of Rupees…5000 to be exact! and I was soooo sure I was not going to buy anything in Jodhpur! but when I saw it I knew I was going to regret it if I didn’t buy it.  I bought a beautiful hand embroided wall hanging that’s made out of recycled indian garments. It was the colours that initially got me, beautiful earthy browns with gold thread and touches of soft pink and blue flowers but the handy work is also amazing and would have taken hours and hours of labour! I love it! and unpacked it straight away when I got back to my hotel room and put it on my bed as a spread. The kind of thing I know I will love forever.

Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing under a beautiful big tree in the garden.

Life is good 🙂


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