sCONE or sGONE my camera… is gone

Yes lost my camera, no didn’t have photos backed up… but I’m ok. Lucky for me our group gets along really well and so we had swapped cameras on a few occasions (not all lost) though there are still pictures I will miss. Lost all my photos from Sydney 😦 … and many from India…

My favorites I have drawn in my diary so they also are not entirely gone.  My tour group has been amazing and although it is not quite the same, they have all offered to share their pictures with me.

All rather sad but I have bought a new camera and even though it is not nearly as good as my last one, it is still better than nothing. Plus half way through my trip I am now seeing India with new eyes all over again as I am trying to get back some of my photos.  Things that had become boring and normal as now all new again and exciting. So not all a bad thing 🙂

Yay for smiles, plenty of hug and friendly people 🙂 I love my tour group, without them I would probably would be on the next flight home.


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