Agra – Taj Mahal

Wake-up… it’s 5:30am…shit im late! I was meant to wake up at 4am but my phone is still on NZ time and I got the time difference wrong.  No time for a shower, I get dressed and run downstairs.  The group is waiting for me phew.

Auto rickshaw to the Taj Mahal… line up. The ticket booth is still closed! I could be sleeping! The sun is rising and we are stuck outside. Realised in my mad rush that I had taken forbidden things (you can only take water, wallet, and camera) so gave my money for the ticket to a friend and ran off to the lockers. CLOSED! What is with India… opens at 6am… its 6:15am.  Run back to the Taj Mahal and get my ticket off my friend so she didn’t have to wait for me outside.

Finally the lockers are open, I put my stuff in and head back to the Taj Mahal.  Big queues. See some friends and jump the line. I’m in and just in time.

Got the money shot of me in front of the Taj Mahal with hardly anyone around… and then I look. Oh WOW! It’s so big and beautiful. The sun is hitting it and just the right angles… it looks amazing. Reflections in the water, glistening white marble, beautiful sunrise.

We start to walk down the steps but something happened… I thought I would be awe stuck the closer I got but I wasnt.  It seems for me that the closer I got the fairytale ended.  It is a… nice building, but I didn’t feel a connection to it.  I was more awe-struck with the fort and temples in Jaisalmer.  something about it being pure white and marble… it didn’t appeal to me.  Was a bit boring… I was more interested in the brick buildings next to it.

The Taj Mahal was too perfect, too pure. There was nothing wrong with it, no imperfections and therefore (to me) no character.

This surprised me, but maybe it shouldnt. I never have been one for man-made perfection I like a more natural perfection… you see a flower bush in the garden, no two flowers are the same yet they are all perfect.  The Taj Mahal looks the same from every angel, it is perfectly simetrical.


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  1. Jenn

    That’s so crazy. I thought India would never sleep!

    Maybe perfection is what the Taj Mahal is what it is all about. You know pure white and totally symetrical, contrasting completely with the real India and the life that Indian’s live.

    I have never thought about it like that before. I too like the beauty of weird and different.

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