Last day in Delhi

Well it was bound to happen, everyone else got it and now I do… Delhi Belly and on my last day too with a bloody long haul flight to New Zealand.  My only reply/comment to be made is the same that we have been saying the whole way through our trip… “that’s India!”

But it hasn’t been that bad… I went out with a few friends and had a manicure and pedicure in a flash hotel.  That was lovely despite throwing up in the middle of it LOL (in the bathroom not all over the therapist).  Walked around some markets for about 2mins before I needed cool air and to sit down again.  Got a lovely tuktuk back to the hotel… who crashed into a truck on the way.  What can I say…. “thats India” LOL

I will definitely miss this crazy country. All its colours, people, noise, and animals… but im also excited for home, quiet, drinking from a tap, WINE, and refreshing cool air.  Don;t disappoint me New Zealand, I want RAIN!!!


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