A city full of character… cobble-stone roads, small alleyways and cow crap everywhere.

Varanasi would have to be one of the dirtiest and smelliest cities I have been to but for some reason it became my favorite place in India.

Although there are alot of tourists in Varanasi they have done a great job at not letting it change the way they do things. Varanasi is by far the most authentic city I have been to in India (remembering that I haven’t been to many places in India other than on my tour).  We went to ceremony’s that were for a locals rather than for tourist. Holy men and swami’s in their garb because that was who they are rather than a man putting on a show for a tourist. They were real… and not posing outside temples asking for money in exchange for a photo.

The markets were somewhat different to the previous places we had visited. welling cooking tools and veges etc… well to a point, I mean there were still touts and begger’s following you around but by the time I had reach Varanasi I was pretty good at ignoring them.

In general I just enjoyed the vibe of Varanasi.  It is a place I think I could spend a lot more time just observing the culture and people going about their daily lives. I loved the querkyness of the old town and the quaintness of the Ganga.  My only wish is that everything could be that much more beautiful if only they put their rubbish in a bin rather than on their ground or in the Ganga…. but the same could be said for all of India.


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