Just a quickie…

I’ve been really slack at this lately and for that I apologise.

I guess I thought I had nothing of great worth to type about but last night a friend reminded me of how things have changed.  Subtly of course, I like to think I would have noticed any major changes.  I think it’s just all about getting older and dare I say it… GROWING UP! eek!  But it’s true, we are… or at least we are getting older and with time comes change (and the excuse to be forgetful, hopefully we are not there yet). 

Most changes in our lives change without us knowing and half the time we do not know where we are heading.  These can be scary times but I have a different view now… embrace the unknown because one day you will know where you are heading…

This year I will be another year older and with that… well I really don’t know.  I’m just going to follow my nose and see where I end up.  So far it hasn’t been all that bad 🙂


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